what not do when moving

What NOT to do When Moving

We can go on and on about how to move and flood your eyes with moving tips and tricks, but how about a different take? Here are several tips on what NOT to do when moving.

moving what not to do



As with most important things in life, procrastination is a bad thing. Putting off the duties that come with a move can lead to a disastrous move. You definitely need a plan and a checklist or two.

The Work

Make sure that you hire a moving company or reserve your truck ahead of time otherwise you may be forced to change your moving date. Also make sure that you finish packing, what seems like a few things can easily be hours of work and can throw off your whole day. You can get stuck with your stuff between both homes or be forced to donate stuff and leave it behind.

Dismissing Your Child’s Feelings

You may be excited about your fresh start, but if you have kids a move will be a hue deal to them. Give them time to be upset and to talk it out with you. Don’t take their anger personally: their home, stability, school and friends are their world. Yes, they will adjust, but don’t dismiss their feelings.

Packing an Essentials Box

We have a blog post just on this! In fact, we have two! Packing a box or bag of your essential items will make your move easy and can prevent you from losing your mind. Seriously, trust us on this one.

Defrost the Fridge

You will need to get all of your perishables in a cooler and begin defrosting your refrigerator the day before your move.

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