welcome new neighbors

Ways to Welcome New Neighbors

welcome your neighborsMoving into a new neighborhood can be intimidating! Moving is a pretty permanent thing and so your neighbors will, in one way or another, become a part of your lives. Sure you can wave hello and give the customary welcome to the neighborhood, but taking it a step farther can ensure that new residents feel truly welcomed and apart of the inner circle. These tips will break the ice and lead the way to new friendships.


We all know moving is tough, and dinner is the LAST thing on anyone’s mind – until the stomach rumbling is painful. When you see your new neighbors start to unload their truck, head on over to introduce yourself and invite them over for a BBQ. Invite other neighbors too and make it a block party, that way everyone is in on the new neighbor welcome committee!


While you are inviting your neighbor over for the BBQ hand them a ready made folder with all of the essentials – your name, (they will likely forget in all the moving haste) address and phone number, local take out, vets, 24-hour doctor, the grocery stores and parks. They will appreciate not having to do all the work themselves and also take note of your efforts. Throwing in a potted plant, welcome mat, or a gift certificate to your favorite local breakfast place would be an added bonus. Consider your last move and the items you and your family would have appreciated. Give your neighbor a warm welcome and it will definitely get everyone started off on the right foot.

This kind of welcome may sound extreme but this kind of hospitality is old fashioned and really what the world needs more of.

What ideas would you for “ways to welcome your neighbor?” We’d love to hear your thoughts so please tell us in the comment section below!

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