Washer & Dryer: Renting Versus Owning

rent buy washer & dryerYes, in today’s world you can actually rent a washer and dryer set. Obviously the rental company is going to get their share of profit, but in some cases renting makes more sense versus the valuable option of owning. Here are some things to consider when weighing a washer & dryer rental offer.


We’ve all known a dear friend or family member who seems very quick to shake their head and wag their finger at your missteps. These people are everywhere. Their point: they know better than anyone else possibly could. They are the exact people who oppose renting anything with every fiber of their being. They would tell you that the amount you pay monthly would add up to the purchase price in a hurry, and that after that, you were throwing your money away. Sure, they have a point, but one strong pro to renting is that there is no commitment beyond the lease term, and that someone can come fix it for you free of charge when it breaks.


The obvious value lies in owning. But the real trouble is that most people don’t realize just how long you will be stuck with this washer and dryer. Some of them are so expensive they are equivalent to buying a Honda, and they are out of date and obsolete before you even get them into your home. Of course there major benefit includes having an appliance that you can bring anywhere you might move. It will no longer be an issue for you to consider. The only catch? Many don’t come with maintenance plans, which can be very costly indeed.

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