Unpacking, Organizing Tips: Fools Rush In

So you’re in! Your new locale is at your fingertips, beneath your feet lie the sweet, squeaky clean floors of your all new home. As you sit on the couch, breathing the freshly filtered air, you gaze with adoration at your plush new surroundings.

Then, suddenly, your fun is interrupted by the ominous sight of boxes piled high.

Welcome home, now it’s time to unpack. But be not afraid, there is plenty of time to unpack. In fact, unless you have something extraordinary going on, you technically have months to get the new place set up. So, why rush?

It’s much better, and even more productive to take your time, and methodically unpack than to rush for the sake of getting done.

1) Start by unpacking the most important rooms first. The kitchen comes to mind. It will be hard to function without eating. Unpack flatware/silverware, pots and pans, and any pantry and refrigerator items you brought along.

2) Move to the bathrooms next. Most people cannot tolerate a messy bathroom, and even worse, the feeling of fumbling for your toiletries. Instead, unpack everything that belongs in the bathroom drawers and medicine cabinets. You won’t regret it when you take that nice morning shower on your first full day at the new places.

3) Move on to bedrooms. Sure, you might be dying to get the LCD TV up and running, but you need a really good night’s sleep to deal with the stress of setting up your new home. Unpack bedding, your favorite pair of PJs, and yes, your pillows.

4) The rest of the house. Now it’s time to consider unpacking the less important items. Knick-knacks, electronics, and so forth. Your basic needs will be met (restroom, bedroom, food), so it should be time to get started on the things you use to unwind.

5) Above all, spend time setting things up properly, because you will regret it if you rush. All that will happen is you will re-do things until they are right, so do it right the first time.

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