What Type Of Boxes Should I Use?

What type of boxes should I useUsing the right type of box will help make your move less stressful. A lot people try to save money when it comes to boxes by getting free boxes at stores, from friends, etc. This may not the best way to make the most of your time, effort and money. Here is some advice on choosing the type of boxes used for packing your belongings.

Most household objects, such as books, kitchenware, collectables, etc. can be packed in the traditional medium sized (18x14x12) moving boxes. These should be packed with a mix of heavy and light items to help make them easy to handle. Heavier items that can still be carried easily can be packed in large (20x20x15 inches) moving boxes. Save extra large (23x23x16 inches) boxes for light items such as bedding, stuffed animals, clothing, etc.

For some of your belongings, you may want to use a specialty box. Wardrobe boxes are made so you can move your clothes on their hangers from your closet to box to your new closet. Wardrobe boxes also help keep clothes from getting damaged or wrinkled during the move. Special kitchen boxes are made of heavier material than your traditional moving boxes and are good for dishes and glassware. Frame boxes are good for pictures or artwork and file boxes are good for moving and storing paperwork.

Before buying boxes, make a list of what you need to pack to see how many of each type of box you will need. You may also want to consult with your moving company. Better yet, save the hassle and have your moving company pack your belongings for you!

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