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Twelve Frequently Asked Moving Questions

Twelve Frequently Asked Moving Questions


We get a lot of questions and we try and take the time to answer them all! Here are the answers to twelve of our most frequently asked moving questions:

Do you help disassemble or install electronics? 

We will move and disassemble any electronics. If the item is mounted we will assist in the disassembly. We will NOT put holes in walls so be prepared to find assistance with mounting at new location. For this, call your cable company. Most cable companies provide a moving package where they will come out and reinstall.

Will you move my wine / alcohol collection? 

We will move these items. If you would like we can wrap and pack properly for a safe transport. We can either move your wine or alcohol collection in our moving vehicle or if the customer feels more comfortable we can package and place items in their personal vehicle. Atmosphere Movers also offers a packing service which is highly recommended for moving larger collections.

Will you move my hanging clothes? 

You can pack your hanging clothes, but should you chose not to, we can still move them on the hangers. We only recommend this option, however, if you are moving local and not over a long distance due to wrinkling of clothing. These items are being placed in a working furniture blanket so we recommend draping a garbage bag or protective covering of some sort over your garments. We will hang the clothing back up at new location.

Do I need to pack the items inside my dresser drawers? 

 You do not need to pack items inside the drawers unless you would like to for organizational purposes. We can shrink wrap the drawers shut so that way they do not come open during the move.

What about disassembling and reassembling furniture? 

Anything we disassemble, we reassemble at the new location, we also place furniture where requested. This is included in your moving service at no additional charge.

 Do you move chemicals?   

We do not move fuel or chemicals of any kind, these must be moved in your personal vehicle. Have generators, lawn equipment, etc. emptied and free of any fuel prior to move.

Will  you move my plants? 

We do move potted plants, flowers, trees, etc. Just be aware that they are being loaded onto a non-climate controlled vehicle. They can be loaded on last so that way they will be the first item to be taken off. We do not recommend this for long distance or overnight travel. You are responsible for this judgment call.

Will you move my guns, ammunition, or jewelry? 

We DO NOT move guns, ammunition, and jewelry. We are more than happy to place these items into your personal vehicle but we do not take responsibility for transporting these items.

How should I move my lamps? 

We recommend removing the light bulbs, packing the lamp bases and moving the shades in your personal vehicle. Lamp shades are the most likely to get damaged when attempting to pack in a box.

How will you protect my new flooring? 

Please do not ask us to wear protective covering on the bottom of our workers shoes to protect your new hard wood floors. This is unsafe for our workers. We are carrying your heavy, valuable furniture. We would not want to risk slipping and falling and breaking our workers bones or your furniture. We can place cardboard over flooring to protect from scratching surface or dirtying new carpet. Please notify us prior to the move so we can load proper supplies.

Can you move my pets? 

We will not move pets in the back of our moving truck. Our trucks are not ventilated. Please arrange for moving your pets prior to moving day or place them with family, friends or in a kennel on moving day. This will keep them out of the way,  give them time to adjust, as well as avoid any additional stress.

What types of speciality items do you move? 

We specialize in moving pianos, antiques, grandfather clocks, safes, statues, hot tubs, outdoor equipment, etc. When calling for a quote please know the specifics on these items, brand, type, weight, dimensions, and/ or if there are any stairs or obstacles in the way of moving. We will provide necessary man-power and well as protection, crating if needed, appliance dollies, packaging, etc.

If you are moving around the New Orleans area, Atmosphere Movers would love to be a part of your move! Call (866) 7MOVE-ME / (866) 766-8363, email, or fill out this form for a FREE quote from Atmosphere Movers!