Transporting Your Aquarium on Moving Day

fishRelocating Friends with Fins: Transporting Your Aquarium

Moving day can be stressful, and transporting your aquarium can add to those feelings of anxiety. While they may not require as much attention as our furry pets on a daily basis, fish, and their surroundings, need special treatment during a move. We have compiled some tips for getting Flounder and friends safely to their new home.

Preparing for the Move

  • Do not feed your fish on the day of your move, before or after transporting.
  • Unplug heaters approximately 30 minutes prior to moving so they have a chance to cool off.
  • Remove tank decor and place items in bags, buckets, or other waterproof containers.
  • Place plants in sealed plastic bags to avoid drying out.
  • Remove approximately 2/3 of aquarium water to make fish easier to catch. Save as much of the water as possible in buckets to avoid drastic water changes when returning the fish to the tank.
  • Place fish in bags filled to one third with aquarium water.
  • Remove heaters, pumps, filters, etc., keeping filters damp to protect healthy bacteria.
  • After removing all remaining water, wrap the tank in bubble wrap, towels, blankets, etc. to protect it during transport.

What to Do When You Get There

Upon arriving at your new address, make aquarium setup a top priority. Refill the tank with as much saved water as you have managed to bring with you, and reassemble the pumps, filters, heathers etc. Fish should be kept in bags floating on top of the water to help them adjust to any temperature changes for at least forty-five minutes.

Make sure you keep an eye on chemical levels for the next month to guarantee your fish are swimming in a healthy environment. Any changes should be dealt with immediately. And if you have changed cities, be sure to visit your local fish store for further tips and advice.