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Transport Classic Cars and Other Vehicles: Moving Tips

It’s worth starting off to say that this is a problem that many people wish they had; enough cars to be concerned with how to get them all to point “B.” So, for those lucky enough to have this issue, there is a proper way to transport classic cars, ATVs, or even a boat without damaging them or being forced to sell it before moving to spare the trouble.

Terrible Investments. The rate at which vehicles depreciate is staggering. The simple drive off the lot of a car dealership practically wipes out the value in the blink of an eye. With that said, it stands to reason that all of the blood, sweat, and tears that have gone into your “baby” to increase or maintain its value cannot go to waste because of a move. Depending on the vehicle, the long drive may not even be an option. Hiring a professional to move your car or truck is sometimes more than a simple luxury, it’s a necetransport classic carsssity.

Research Vehicle Transporters. Your wisdom and research may have lead you to Atmosphere Movers for your moving needs, so you should put equal effort into ensuring you pick the best company for your special vehicle, as well. There are many questions to be asked of potential transporters, such as “do you use open or covered trailers?” and “do you use stacking trailers?” These can become critical because stacking trailers can lead to oil and fluid drips from other vehicles, and uncovered trailers can lead to exterior and interior damage.

Worthy Expense. It may be hard to fathom having another expense to pencil into your moving budget, but it isn’t difficult to imagine how frustrating it would be to damage or strain your classic car — it’s enough to make a grown person cry. Even though the trip may cost you several hundred dollars, the mileage you will put onto your special vehicle (if you choose to drive) could lead to an equal amount in depreciation after enough wear and tear.

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