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Top Five Moving Tips

We’ve run you through house warming parties, creative children’s activities, and even decorating ideas, but sometimes you have to just get back to the basics. So here are the top five moving tips to help you save time and energy during your move.

Label things. There is no such thing as going too crazy while labeling. Knowing which room, which set, which drawer, and even which order something should be unpacked in can be a miracle when it comes up setting up the new place.

Kids first. Save the kid’s rooms for last when packing, and make them first when unpacking. It will keep the little ones from feeling the extra stresses of moving.

Free boxes. Don’t be foolish; buying expensive empty cardboard boxes would be like paying money for water in small bottles. It just doesn’t make sense. Instead, go to Walmart right around the time they restock the shelves (about 9-10PM usually). They pile all of the empty boxes into shopping carts and you can take them if you ask.

Pets Ride. To prevent your animals from feeling the brunt of the move, let them stay close to the family. Put them in a crate for safety, and load them into the family car.

Floor Plan. This plan would include details of which room is which and what boxes belong where. It will help give official names to each room so that everyone who is packing sticks to the script.

Happy moving!

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