Top 5 Most Forgotten Items When Moving

Top 5 Most Forgotten Items When Moving

With all of the moving hustle and bustle it is easy to forget things, no matter how important. Here we have a list of the top 5 most forgotten items while moving!

 Top 5 Most Forgotten Items When Moving

Keys – Yes, as important as these are, they are often lost or forgotten. Before you move even one box, place both sets on one ring and have a hook or nail to keep them in at all times. The hassle of getting these replaced and the stress of searching for them does not make for a good time.

Garage Door Opener – Yes, these too! It is probably a good idea to keep this in the glove box and not move it!

Personal Records – Nothing like loosing your birth certificate. Before you start packing, place the essential personal records in a portable file cabinet. Then on moving day, put it your car first. That way you can be sure nothing of importance will be lost or forgotten during your move.

Mail – This is often one of the most over looked parts of moving. Don’t forget to change your address (learn how to online here) several weeks in advance. Also, be sure to check your mail box one last time the day of your move.

Hidden Items – Sometime people like to hid things, valuable things,a round the house. Make sure you are not forgetting that antique necklace you hid in the to of the closet.

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