Tips to Help You Choose the Perfect Storage Solution

Whether you require short-term or long-term storage depends on a variety of factors. You may require a storage unit because you are remodeling your home, you need more space in your home, you are between moving from one house to another, or you have decided to downsize or declutter your home and are cleaning it before you sell it. Consider some of these factors to help you choose the best storage unit possible.

The Size of the Storage Unit

The size of the storage unit is the determining factor of what you can and cannot store. To help with figuring out which size storage unit will benefit you best, make a list of all of the items you need to store. If you plan on storing large items, such as living room suites, beds, and similar furniture, you should purchase one of the largest storage units available. The largest storage unit may seem unnecessarily large at first, but once you store your large items, you will still have room for your smaller items.

Climate Control

Climate controlled storage is beneficial for a variety of reasons. This type of storage protects your belongings from exposure to extreme temperatures – whether hot or cold – such as antiques, musical instruments, documents that are of importance, furniture, electronics, and more. Climate control storage has excellent air quality, which means the air remains of high quality because the units are properly sealed. Dust and debris is a common issue for standard storage users when they are storing books and magazines. Although climate controlled storage costs more than traditional storage options, it offers peace of mind for anyone using this type of storage. Humidity protection offers more peace of mind for storage users who have antique furniture because these items are protected from becoming warped, cracked or rotting.

Items You May Not Have To Store

You don’t have to store every item you own if you don’t want to. Purchasing a storage unit is a good idea if you need a place to put your belongings where they will be safe and out of your way for a while. You may not want to store items that you will need in the near future, such as all of your clothes, items for your pet and all of your furniture. Store items you will not need for a few months. Items you need immediately should be moved to your new location.

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