Tips For A Successful Garage Sale

One way to get rid of your stuff before a big move is to have a garage sale. Garage sales are hard work, but they can make you a little extra cash to help fund your move and they help you purge. We’ve put together some tips to help you have a successful garage sale.

Tips for a Sucessful Garage Sale

The first thing you should do is check your local laws. Most local parishes and cities have ordinances for garage sales and require permits. So call your local zoning or permits office to see if you need one. Once you have this it’s time to pick a date. Pick a date during the months of the year where there are more moderate temperatures. You also don’t want to pick a weekend during the Mardi Gras season or Jazz Fest.

Advertising is one key ingredient to garage sale success. Use your social media and email friends to advertise your garage sale. You can also use online places like community Facebook groups, Craigslist, and Varagesale. There are so many free places to advertise, that you may want to think about skipping the traditional newspaper ad. Don’t forget to create big colorful signs to put around your neighborhood on the day of the sale. Adding balloons to your signs will make them stand out and attract attention. Be sure to check your local laws about signage on public property.

Everyone loves FREE stuff, so give them what they want!  Create a box of giveaway items and set it up by the curb lure buyers in. Have cookies and a beverage such as coffee, tea or lemonade to give to customers. Set up a kid’s able with crayons and coloring pages to keep the kids busy while mom and dad browse your sale.

Think like a store and stay organized. Group liked items together in one place. Sort clothes by size and hand them nicely on garment racks. Sort books and place them on bookshelves. Place most wanted items such as hot toys, furniture, sports equipment, etc. by the curb to attract buyers. Price everything to sell and mark the prices clearly so people don’t have to find you to ask about the price.

We put together this great list of places to sell and donate your used stuff. When the sale is over, don’t keep the leftovers. You can try to sell them another way or you can just donate them.

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