Tips For Moving Your At Home Business

Tips For Moving Your At Home Business

Moving is stressful all by itself. Having an at home business adds to the stress. Here are a few tips for moving your at home business to help make your move as smooth as possible and get back to work quickly.

Like any move the first thing you should do is PURGE your office space. Get rid of the things you don’t need by selling, donating or throwing them away. Next you should start packing up the things that you don’t need to run your business during your move. Only keep out things that are essential to running your business.  You should start this process as well as hiring a moving company at least two-three months before your upcoming move.

After you made your place and started the purge and packing process, you should start notifying clients and vendors. Do this about one – two months before you move. You don’t want supplies or even payments to be delayed due to your move. About a week before your move you should update your online listings, website, business cards and letterhead to reflect your new address. Also call and have your phone lines and internet installation dates set for the day you move in or as soon as possible after you move in date about two-four weeks before your move.

Take a week or two off if possible around your move date. Things will be chaotic and you won’t be getting much work done. It’s better to clear your calendar and take time off than it is to miss deadlines. Better yet hire someone to handle the day-to-day issues that are needed to keep your business running.

Once your move is complete make unpacking and setting up your home office a priority. This way you can get back to business! Check our this post for more tips on moving your office.

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