throwing painting parties

Throwing Painting Parties 101: Moving Tips

By now you may have heard of the concept: friends, family, drinks, and paint. If done right, throwing painting parties will not lead to the disaster that they sound like.
throwing painting parties
The idea is brilliant. Take the doldrums and tedious hours of labor out of painting, and enlist a bunch of willing (or coerced) loved ones to make it spunky. What could possibly go wrong?

Colors first. Although it may sound like a good idea, don’t get the party started until after you have chosen and purchased your paint. Even though we know you trust and love your friends, they aren’t the ones who will be forced to live in a house with wild color schemes.

BYOB. This is a double whammy. Have them bring their own brushes and beer! Assign each person a type of brush, or just let them choose. Of course you will want rollers for extra speed, and you may get lucky and have a painter friend with a sprayer — who knows? As for drinks, beer is a good choice, but those fancy craft beers have a high alcohol content and might cause a snooze-fest.

Snack table. Even if all of the furniture has yet to be moved into the house, set up a nice little table with refreshments. It might be cute to put a painters cloth with some stray paint splatters down as a table cloth, or to use paint can themed containers for the chips and dip. It will lighten the mood and give people the energy to work.

Feed the beast. Don’t choose snacks that will put your crew to sleep. While turkey legs sound amazing, they aren’t exactly known for creating energy. Instead, opt for protein infused salads or fruits that will give them a natural boost while working.

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