Three Tips For Picking The Perfect Paint Color

three tips for picking the perfect paint color

The right paint color can bring a room to life. It helps tell a story of who you are and your life. Here are three simple tips to help you pick the perfect paint color for your home.

Before you buy a whole gallon of paint, and commit to one color. Be sure to get some samples of your top choices and put them on your wall to make sure you have the perfect fit. If you don’t want to paint your walls you can use sample boards like these to help you make the correct choice.

Check your paint samples in different types of light. Regular light bulbs will give off a warm/yellow tone, fluorescent light bulbs will give off a cool/blue tone and natural light will change the way the color looks throughout the day. Another reason why it’s a great idea to try a sample before you marry a color.

The last thing you need to consider before picking the perfect paint colors is the mood or feeling of the room. What type of vibe do you want the room to give off? Each color gives off a different vibe and mood, so choose accordingly.

  • Green is whimsical, fun and talkative. It stimulates conversations and reminds us of nature.
  • Orange is warm an uplifting, it reminds us of fall and the sunset.
  • Blue is calming and tranquil. It’s a great color choice for a bedroom or bathroom.
  • White is clean and pure like snow.
  • Black is bold and formal and reminds us of night.
  • Purple is royal and powerful.
  • Yellow is bright and happy. It reminds us of the sun.
  • Red is the color of passion and love. It’s a powerful, bold color.
  • Gold represents wealth and luxury.
  • Pink is young, playful and feminine.
  • Gray is the rock or the wallflower.
  • Turquoise is vibrant and spirited.
  • Beige is the color of balance, it helps bring out the other colors in a room.
  • Brown is the color of security and contentment. It’s cozy and warm.

Whatever color you choose, make sure it’s the right color for you. If it’s not, remember you can always paint over it and choose a different one.

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