Thirteen Tips for Childproofing Your New Home

Household injuries are one of the main things that sent children under 4 to the ER each year. We know accidents happen, even to the best of parents. Here are thirteen tips for childproofing your new home to help you make your new place as safe as possible for your little ones.

childproofing your new home

1. Make sure all baby gear and furniture meets the current safety standards.

2. Opt for cordless blinds and shades as the cords present a strangulation hazard.

3. Don’t hang pictures above our your baby’s crib or changing table.

4. Attach furniture like dresses, TV stands, shelves etc the wall to prevent from tipping over. Don’t forget about flat-screen TVs which are also easy to tip over by a small child.

5. Place gates at the top and bottom of your stairways. Make sure the gate at the top of the stairs is attached to the wall and not pressure mounted.

6. Set your water heater to 120 degrees to prevent burns.

7. Look for choking hazards such as doorstops with removable caps. Rule of thumb is, anything that can fit through a cardboard toilet paper tube is considered a choking hazard.

8. Create a fire plan and test or install smoke detectors. Also install carbon monoxide detectors if your home uses natural gas.

9. Store knives, guns, cleaning supplies, and medication in lock cabinets where children can not get into.

10. Cover all electrical outlets and loose cords.

11. Install window guards on second story windows to prevent falls.

12. Install door alarms or latches at the top of doors that lead outside to prevent escapes.

13. If your new home has a pool, make sure it has self locking fence around it to prevent a child from falling in. You may also want to install a door alarm at all of the doors that lead to the pool and a pool alarm for extra safety measures.

These tips will help make your new home safe for your littlest family members. Looking for a New Orleans mover to move your family safely? Call us at (866) 7MOVE-ME / (866) 766-8363, email, or fill out this form for a FREE quote!