Taking The Scenic Route: Moving Tips

So with taking the scenic route, moving can be less painful. If life is about the journey rather than the destination, why spend it on a four lane interstate crowded with lane-hogging truckers? Sure, our nation’s interstates have plenty of beautiful stretches, but sometimes the path less traveled is the better option.

Taking The Scenic Route Moving Tips

The interstate system was finally finished sometime between the 70s and 80s, but people have been traveling by car for many decades prior to that. Point being, there have been routes to help travelers get from one place to another without being elevated for ease of use.

This results in a more scenic drive, often above, through, or even winding around mountains and hills. It can function as a wonderful lesson to the little ones, who usually tire of the concrete runs between cities because they are too far removed from the landscape.

Try doing a quick cursory overview of the history of the stretch you choose when traveling the road less taken. Turn it into a lesson for the kids, explain a thing or two about the geographic around them.

It may take longer, but it will be a memorable experience, which is safer by nature.

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