survive temporary housing with kids

Survive Temporary Housing Without Losing Your Sanity

Temporary Housing

Moving into temporary housing is hard. You’re not in your own place, you are most likely in a space that is too small for your family, and no one likes to be in limbo. We put together some tips to help you survive temporary housing without losing your sanity.

Decide what type of housing you will be moving into. You have a variety of options and you need to choose the one to fit your needs. You can choose from a regular hotel, an extended stay hotel, corporate rentals or a short term lease.

Keep only essentials and store the rest! Your new temporary space won’t have the space your house had, so you won’t be able to move all of your belongings with you. Pack a few boxes or bins of essential items that include comfort objects such as pictures, a favorite blanket, toys and things you will need like important paperwork. Everything else can be stored in a storage unit until you move into your new home.

Make it feel like home. It’s important to make your temporary house feel like home. Put out pictures, flowers, a nice scented candle or plug in. Add those touches that make it feel someplace you want to spend your time. This is especially important for children, so make sure they have their favorite toys, pillows, blankets and other comfort objects with them.

Have a place for everything! Organization is going to be key to keeping your sanity in your small temporary space. Anything that can hang on the inside of a closet door like an over the door shoe holder is wonderful, these can hold small pantry items, hair supplies and makeup, soaps, cleaning supplies etc. Bins that can be stacked or fit under the bin for clothing and toys. Portable shelves in a closet area are great for storing food and other items.

Maintain your normal routine as much as possible. Children thrive on routine, even adults need routine in stressful situations. So try and keep your normal routine going. Keeping meal times and bedtimes the same no matter where you are will go a long way to keeping everyone happy.

Keep it simple! Don’t try to cook elaborate meals, use your crockpot  as much as possible. Cereal and sandwiches make great easy lunches. Disposable plates, napkins, forks, cups, will help save space and time.

Explore your new home! Being couped up in a small space can bring out the worse in the best of us so it’s important to try and get out of the house at last once a day. Go to the park, the library, explore your new city.

Do your research! Take the time while in temporary housing to research the area you are thinking about moving, check the schools, drive by in the AM and PM during the week and on weekends, check the safety records. Do this so when you more to a more permanent housing you have nothing to worry about!

The biggest thing to remember, temporary housing is just that, TEMPORARY! Soon you’ll be in your new home making tons of new memories.

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