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Stuff Movers Won’t Move

stuff movers wont moveEver wonder what movers will and will not take? Well, here we break it down, and you may be surprised.

 Stuff Movers Won’t Move

Hazardous Materials

Anything that can be considered a hazardous material or is explosive or flammable including but not limited to aerosols,  car batteries, charcoal, cleaning solutions, bleach, gas, paint and paint thinner, fireworks and pool chemicals. Weapons and ammunition are also on the no list. You can use the UPS Hazardous Material list  as a guideline.


Anything that can spoil or perish while in transit including frozen goods and open packages of food is off limits. Pack up a cooler and take that stuff with you.

Animals & Plants

Animals of any kid are definitely not part of the movers’ responsibility. There is a huge liability issue, not to mention that many animals become frightened during a move and need special care. The majority of moving companies will NOT cover plants in their insurance policies because they are easily damaged.
Questions? Contact your moving company prior to the move so you can be prepared. if you are unsure about something, don’t hesitate, as the day of the move will be stressful enough.
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