Storage Unit Pros & Cons

One tempting thing that nearly everyone is suseptible to is throwing things away because it’s easier than finding a new place for them. Moving is prime time for this kind of behavior. Everyone knows the feeling of tossing something out for convenience, then regretting after the move. You can avoid exactly that by renting a storage unit, but there are some downsides to consider.

storage unitHere are a few critical points to weigh when deciding to toss something or store it in a professionally kept storage unit.

Pros. If renting a storage unit fits into your budget picture, it’s worth every penny. Sure, no one wants another bill to worry about, but the unit can help you from having your on-site storage filled to the brim. The feeling of a closet that is a complete disaster is the worst in the world. It’s like your own bad little secret with yourself. The storage unit will also help you swap things out that are seasonal, or aren’t used very often. All while keeping things safe.

Cons. Depending upon where you live, the unit might be very inconvenient to access. Some people in states like Florida purposefully rent units that are a few more feet above sea level than own homes. This sometimes causes them to be far away. The whole idea of swapping out items that you might want on a temporary basis becomes more of a hassle. The units can also be expensive. Larger units can be a few hundred dollars a month. If you’re ready to pay that much, you could simply renovate and add more storage at your new digs.

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