staying festive during a move

Staying Festive During Your Move

So you’ve taken the correct approach; you’re packing super-early for the big move. The only issue? You’re precious annual decorations are sealed beneath your perfectly organized pre-moving pile of boxes.
staying festive during a move
Don’t surrender the holiday environment you love to create for your family. Instead, get creative with the family by staying festive during your move.

Thanksgiving Sit with the kids and create a quick outlined hand on a paper grocery bag. Cut out the hand, and decorate it to look like a turkey. Cut out fall leaves outlines out of fall colored construction paper. Fill in the leaf veins with a marker or crayon. Homemade decorations are cute and endearing, and your friends and family will appreciate it just as much.

Christmas Those fragile ornaments might be in a box somewhere, but your handy pair of scissors will do the trick. Print out some great outlines of Christmas inspired shapes (silver bells, wreaths, snowflakes, etc). Trace them onto thick construction paper or foil. Cut them out carefully and use as ornaments or household decorations.

Good luck and enjoy!

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