Specialized Heavy Equipment Movers New Orleans

Moving can easily turn into a stressful endeavor. There are endless small items you need to pack, and the process becomes even more overwhelming when you start packing all your valuable items that require extremely careful handling.

But what about heavy equipment? You need big muscles to move it, but you also need to transport it with incredible care to prevent any potential damage.

The smartest way to relocate your heavy equipment is to hire professional equipment movers. Professional equipment movers know how to properly move all the heavy items, without ever putting them to risk of damage.

However, finding the right movers can be challenging, as there are too many to choose from, and not all of them offer their services at reasonable prices.

How Can I Find High-Quality Heavy Equipment Movers Near Me?

If you’re asking yourself this question, you can be sure that you’re already in the right place. At Atmosphere Movers, we are highly skilled and experienced in transporting various types of heavy equipment, completely hassle-free and at affordable prices.

We are the most reliable equipment movers in all of Louisiana. You can count on us to efficiently and safely relocate all your special items, no matter how valuable or fragile they are.

Our Specialized Moving Services

At Atmosphere Movers, we’re specialized in transporting not only heavy equipment but also delicate items that hold great value. They often carry sentimental value as well, which is an even greater reason why we always handle your items with the utmost care.

Here are the types of equipment that our professional equipment movers can help you relocate safely and efficiently.


Pianos are delicate items that are usually quite expensive, so moving them requires extreme care. You can rest assured that we will pack and transport yours as if it were our own.

Our quality piano movers know how to properly pack, store, and relocate any type of piano you need, from the smallest spinets to concert grands.

Antiques, Fine Art, & Fragile Items

While you can’t exactly say that fine art falls under the category of heavy equipment, it’s important to note that we can securely move your fine art belongings as well. Moreover, just like we handle those and various other fragile items, we make sure that we carefully transport irreplaceable antiques.

Business and Lab Equipment

If you need specialized equipment movers for your business or lab relocation, we’re here to provide a helping hand. Our business relocation movers are experienced in moving various pieces of business equipment, so they know exactly how to make sure your belongings arrive at their new location in the best working order.

If you choose us to move your business or lab equipment, make sure you have your new floor plan ready, so that our business movers can put your equipment in all the right places.


Moving electronics can be a chore, as there are lots of parts and wires to organize. It can also be potentially dangerous if you don’t know how to disconnect and handle all the wires.

Our professional equipment movers know how to properly move electronics, and make sure that anyone who handles them later stays perfectly safe.

Gym Equipment

Moving gym equipment can also be very difficult, as almost all the parts are quite heavy. With our gym equipment movers in your corner, you can relocate your entire home or business gym studio before you even know it.

Why Choose Atmosphere Movers?

No matter what items you need moved, we understand that you need someone reliable to do the job. This is why we made it our mission to always provide services of the highest possible quality so that we can help our clients continue on their journey completely stress-free.

If you put your trust in us, we promise to deliver all the following benefits:

  • Flexible and timely services – Our movers will always arrive on time to move your desired equipment. Simply choose when, where, and how you want your items delivered, and leave the rest to us.
  • Local and long-distance relocation services – Atmosphere Movers offer both local and long-distance relocation services, so you don’t have to worry if you need something transported to the other side of the country.
  • Transparent and affordable pricing – Not only is our pricing very affordable, but it’s also completely transparent. There are absolutely no hidden costs down the road, so you’ll always know exactly what you’re paying for. Our prices are flat, and we customize them to each client.

All of us at Atmosphere Movers are genuinely passionate about providing you with top-notch customer service that you’ll be truly delighted with. We care about helping you move your heavy equipment safely, and we guarantee that we can do it without a hitch.

If you are in New Orleans and need help moving any of your heavy equipment items, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Contact us today, and we’ll get back to you with your free quote!