Senior Moves Made Simple: Moving Tips

Seniors deserve a hassle-free move. Many will be choosing a more practical lifestyle or to be closer to the daily care they need. Some will be abandoning the freedom of having their own piece of land for the sake of downsizing to a condominium or assisted living facility. In all cases, the right movers can get the job done.

A few things can be done before the truck pulls up in front of the house. By following the right steps, seniors can make sure their belongings are packed properly to avoid misplacing or damaging important items.

Move Safe

Wrap fragile items carefully
Keep a separate box or two for important documents
Pack medication in luggage to be brought with you, not on the moving truck
Heavy items in smaller boxes

Plan Ahead

Schedule the move in advance
Contact utilities for disconnect/reconnect
Forward mail for day one of new home
Avoid peak move dates

Senior moves can be made simple with the right group of professionals and little planning. Simple preparations can go a long way.

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