Road Trip Games For Kids

road trip games

Car Games Kids Love

Yes, the moving company is handling all of the hard work and hauling, but you and your family might still be hitting the open road to make it from point A to point B. So why not make it fun?

Those of us who spent countless hours — even days — on the road during those old fashioned road trips can tell you: it is essential to find ways to entertain yourself. We are talking before the technology age. We couldn’t sit in the back seat of our parents embarrassing old mini-van and text. We couldn’t update our Facebook status from our mobile device. No. We read, heckled our siblings, and drove our parents absolutely crazy.

One way to avoid all of the lovely, awkward family moments, and bring the family together at the same time, is to get creative on the road. There are a number of perfectly cheesy activities than family members can enjoy with each other while stuck in the close quarters of a car.

My favorite was always “License Plates.”

The objective is to find the most “exotic” license plate; one from a state that is either so far away or so “remote” in the eyes of the people in the car. We are from Florida, so there was always wonder in our hearts when we saw a tag from, say, New Mexico, or Vermont. In that case, the person would shout out the name of the plate and try to outdo the other person with who can find the most obscure plate. Another variation is to attempt to work your way through the alphabet by finding them A-Z on separate plates. The catch is that you have to go in order, so the next tag that would pass you might have a “G,” but unless you are on the letter “F” it won’t matter.

Another great game is, of course, “I Spy.”

This game is great for the little ones. You describe an object in non-specific terms. Color, shape, location, etc, and the idea is that the other players will make their best guess as to what you’re talking about.

The next, is called “The Grocery Game.”

Sure, you have to be extremely bored to play this one, but it is great anyway. The first player names the first item on a grocery list, say, “milk.” The next player then adds one thing, but must say the first item as well. The process continues, until the entire list is repeated from beginning to end, with the last item being tacked on. It is a great memory building game, and can be a lot of fun.

Don’t forget “The Banana Game.”

This game might work best when everyone is tired and not really in the mood for anything that takes too much brain power. All you must do is spot cars and trucks that are yellow, and yell out “BANANA.” The person who spots the yellow car and identifies it first, gets a point. You can get extra fancy and assign a certain number of points to types of cars. For example, a sports car can be two points, a bus can be three and so on.

Finally, “Who Am I?”

This game is pretty simple, yet funny. The person whose turn it is would simply state some basic facts about a person. They could also do an impression or maybe some gestures to help give it away. The other players would make guesses one at a time until they get it right. Whomever is correct is next up!

Any other road trip games for kids are welcome in the comments! What has kept your kiddos happy?

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