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Renting Reusable Plastic Containers (Pros/Cons)

Some people find plastic containers to be the perfect fix for messy moves. They can allow for stacks of clothing, insulated and packed items, and even fragile possessions. The obvious issue is that they are not free! You can’t exact call the local grocery store and ask to borrow their large plastic totes. Instead, you must weigh the cost/benefit analysis of renting reusable plastic containers.

renting plastic storage containers

The concept seems perfect for the neat-obsessed mover. I’m sure a type-A organizational person could close their eyes and dream of a house completely packed into perfect, labeled containers. It would be some sort of moment of zen for them.

But the reality is you most likely have to borrow them to get the job done. Here are the pros and cons of dishing out money for such a venture:

Pros. It’s neat, and it’s clean. If you chose to rent them, you won’t regret it because everything will be sealed off from the environment around them. Collectors know the value that goes into the extra cost of using lockable moving bins. It keeps things dry and undamaged. They are also stackable, so if you won’t be unpacking the night you move in, you can at least move around and categorize the bins before opening them. Yet another pro is that it will help to prevent you from losing things. Sometimes boxes get jumbled together and even tossed to the side when there are still items inside. But rentable bins must be emptied before returning, which will ensure that you have all of your belongings.

Cons. The largest and most obvious concern is money. If it won’t fit into your budget picture, then don’t bother. But if you have the means, it may not be for you anyway. Some people feel that the containers are bulky and can actually pack moving vans in a less efficient manner. Also, there is a chance you will damage one or two, which will cost you even more money in the end. The final con is that they put you at the mercy of the company you are renting them from. It may come down to a rushed day of unpacking so that you don’t pay for additional rental time.

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