relax after the move

Relax After The Move, Then Work!

All moving and no play makes for you a dull boy/girl, right? Absolutely. In fact, sometimes the best thing to do is give yourself a nice few hours to unwind before tackling the unpacking and organizing that you are bound to do. Relax after the move, it will help you to start with a fresh mind.
relax after the move
Movie Night. Go ahead, get those salty, sweet, and otherwise unhealthy snacks out and ready. Treat yourself to a nice, relaxing night on the couch, and try to imagine the room without boxes and clutter. For some it may be difficult to put everything aside and enjoy some time, but the day of moving has come to an end, and there is definite wisdom in starting fresh the next day.

Big Night Out. It may seem crazy, but get dressed in the snazziest outfit you can find (because remember, everything is in boxes), and hit the town! Find a show, concert, or event nearby that can distract you from the impending hours of unpacking and organizing that you are in store for. It will revitalize you and hopefully give you some time to breathe. You’ve earned it.

Family Game Night. Just because you spent the day moving, doesn’t mean you can’t continue your reign as the undefeated Monopoly king of the household. Simply clear a cozy spot on the ground, and settle into some pajamas to show ’em who’s boss. It will help ease the concerns of the transition that your little ones might have, and bring the family together for a first bonding experience in the new home.

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