Reasons to move to new orleans

Reasons to Move to New Orleans

Need a reason to move to New Orleans? Well, we have quite a few. Let’s dive right in, shall we?


Reasons to move to new orleans

New Orleans is know for its food, fun and ambiance having made countless top 10 lists, The Big Easy is now one of the fastest growing cities in the country. With all of that good stuff also comes relatively low taxes and low costs of living, making your next move a no-brainier.

New Orleans Food

The food is to die for, quite literally. While there are countless types of ethnic food, the big three are  Creole, Cajun and Soul food. New Orleans traditional foods and classic dishes include poboys, jambalaya and gumbo. The dishes are all authentic, seasoned perfectly and the flavors will leave your mouth watering for more. You can’t get this stuff anywhere else in the country. it just wouldn’t be the same. Just ask Guy Fieri.

New Orleans Fun

We probably don’t need to talk too much about this one, New Orleans is known for being one of the most entertaining cities in the countries. We have festivals, art, parades and more. There is always something going on whether you are single or a family. Festivals art, great music, incredible food, friendly people, and strong drinks – that you can bring in the streets for easy travel.

New Orleans Ambiance

Between the food, music, art and colorful people the ambiance is one that can’t be beat. Carnival week is a holiday season, businesses close and people take to the streets for beads, drinks and more. A band or music hall is in walking distance, whether you are into trad-jazz, modern jazz, blues, rock ‘n’ roll, hip-hop, folk/bluegrass, reggae, electronic, whatever – you will find it.

The reasons to move to New Orleans are endless and we guarantee that you will love it!

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