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Protecting Your Floors: Moving Tips

Floors take a beating on a regular day, but their mettle will be tested on the day of the big move. The professionals at Atmosphere Movers will take every precaution to ensure there is no damage, but it’s worth the energy to work on protecting your floors on the big day.

Hardwood floors. Many people lose sleep over the knicks on their precious wood floors. This can be avoided by using drop cloths, or by taping down special paper coverings that are sold for that purpose. The real trick will be to avoid creating a tripping hazard for the people who are lugging your stuff around.protecting your floors

Carpet protection. There are special film coverings that are sold which can safely protect your carpet. They are pulled taut and secured to the floor in order to reduce tripping or slipping. Sure, most people vacuum and steam clean carpets AFTER all of the furniture has been removed, but it will make the job easier if there is less to clean.

Small mats. Another quick way to protect rooms is to put mats at all of the exterior doors. Most people do this anyway, but it will encourage people to stomp their shoes clean every time they enter while moving. On moving day, the weather could turn slightly sour, which will lead to a cleaning headache if precautions aren’t taken.

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