Protect Your Belongings and Yourself: Moving Tips

protect your belongings

Atmosphere Movers is an experienced Louisiana moving company, and so we know…It has happened to everyone. You show up with a huge, hopeful smile on your face. New house/apartment, new attitude, new start. Then it hits you:  you broke a prized belonging and there it lies, shattered in the box. What will you do?

The question is not “what will you do,” but what “should you have done?” The answer: pack properly.

There are some obvious mistakes that many people make when moving their homes and beloved possessions, and many of them lead to unfortunate results.

5) Start early. Don’t procrastinate and think that the weekend before your movie is enough time to pack up and get out. You will need at least four to six weeks to create a nice, organized move. It takes planning, labeling, and wrapping. Those are time consuming activities that you shouldn’t put off until the last minute.

4) Get your supplies. If you are moving during the peak moving season, there is a pretty solid chance that the local grocery stores have been inundated with “box seekers.” You should start the hunt for boxes early. When you think you have a surplus, break them down carefully, and stack the flattened boxes in a dry place. There is no such thing as having too many. Also, tape, tape, tape. You will run out of tape before you get through one room if you’re not careful. You may also want to pick up bubble wrap and other supplies for delicates.

3) Move carefully. The very last thing you need when moving is an injury. The thought of gleefully arriving at your new palace with a sore back is just unbearable. Instead, exercise caution when lifting heavy objects. Wear a back brace if need-be, and don’t over-lift. Also, watch that you don’t drop heavy items on your feet, because the across-town drive with an injured foot won’t be a pleasant one!

2) Don’t overstuff boxes! Some people get overzealous with packing boxes. They think that if it fits–it can go in one! In reality, it is best to pack like-items into a box, and do a simple lift test on the box. Once the bottom is sealed and you have most of the items in the box, simply life the box a few inches off the ground. If the bottom bows and puts stress on the tape line, then you overpacked it. It will be to your advantage to reduce the contents of that particular box.

1) Be organized about it! If you don’t consider yourself an organized person, find someone who is. The unpacking and settling process will be extremely unpleasant if things are amiss. Instead, label  boxes with what room they belong in, and even what piece of furniture they are associated with. For example, “kitchen drawer: knives, cooking utensils, etc” or even “office: computer cables.” Those small steps can also help the movers to place the boxes in the right area, and save you hours of time during the unpacking process.

Happy moving!

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