preserve memories

Preserve Memories of Previous Home

Humans are emotional creatures. Although I’m sure rodents are fond of certain holes they have dug, we seem to have a very special connection with our surroundings. From decorating, to redesigning, to renovating, people love their homes. So why not preserve memories of the previous home you dwelt in?
preserve memories
Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in the business of moving. You hire professionals from Atmosphere Movers to handle the heavy lifting and box moving. You complete a thorough cleaning of your old home, and before you know it, the keys are handed over!

Here are a few easy ways to make sure the busy move doesn’t distract you from taking a moment to reflect:

Pictures, pictures, and more pictures. Our society has become a collection of amateur photographers. Social Media has given everyone a platform to post their best shots, angles, and sentiments. So why not snap a few of your house? Before you begin to pack, make sure you take a few pictures of the house the way you’d like to remember it. Then once everything is packed and the place is clean, snap a few more from similar angles. This will give you a nice before and after that you can sift through later.

Make a poster. This one will be great if there are children involved! Purchase a cheap, large piece of poster board (maybe even a tri-fold like kids use for school projects). Have everyone create sections on the poster of their favorite memories, features, and even struggles that took place. You could print some photos to paste on, as well. This will help to preserve memories and keep them alive in a way that can be pulled out, and put away nicely later. You could even tape a few scraps of things from around the house, like paint samplers from when you repainted, or purchase a cheap set of house address numbers to slap on the poster.

Draw a map. This is another one that is great for kids. Take some time to map out the floor plan of the house. It can be cute and done with crayons, or you can pull out rulers and other tools to make it more precise. A nice schematic of the house with labels like “Mommy and Daddy’s Room” will help the family remember the layout, and keep the happiness alive for children who are reluctant to move.

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