Pitfalls Of Self-Moves

Most have attempted them, but few have completed a self-move without damaging or losing a piece of property. The desire to manage your own move–to go it alone–is strong in many young families, but the pitfalls of self-moves can be severe. It seems practical, but is it wise in all cases?

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The comfort of familiar surroundings may not be the only thing you lose when relocating. If the proper patience and care aren’t exercised, movers may stand to lose a little more. Strained muscles, broken valuables, and bruised egos are all unfortunate symptoms of self-moves gone wrong.

Sure, that college buddy and his pick-up can get the job done for in town moves, and that rental truck with a few close friends can haul a major load, but experience is the ultimate currency.

Atmosphere Movers is a full service moving company. Packed boxes are moved and loaded in a safe, timely manner. No strained back for the client, no long drive in a clunky old rental truck. Just quality moving, by experienced movers. The client saves energy, and even damage to property while focusing on transitioning to the new locale.

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