Paid Lawn Care Or Weekend Warrior?

The condition of the landscaping of your new home is always a major concern. For many, it is more budget friendly to mow, weedwack, hedge, and blow all on their own. But others may opt to call in a professional.

As you settle into your new home, there a many things to consider when deciding between paid lawn care, and becoming a weekend lawn warrior.

Cost. For many, the obvious factor will be money. If it is not a realistic option, it isn’t worth considering.

Overall need. If your yard is easy to maintain and only needs to be mowed, doing it yourself may be more practical. Without the need for a blower or hedger, you can probably get away with a simple once over with a decent mower. If you have a hedge row, a flower bed to maintain, and paved areas, there is a need for more equipment and time.Paid Lawn Care

Responsibility. Your family may want to use mowing the lawn as a chance to teach responsibility and work ethic. In that case, the value of what goes into keeping a lawn in great shape far outweighs the convenience of having a paid service.

Curb appeal. Let’s face it, professionally cared for lawns are the ones that stand out on the block. The nicely trimmed edges around the lawn’s perimeter, the cracks in the sidewalk devoid of any extra grass, and the neatly blown driveway can’t be beat. Hiring a crew will give your home’s facade a sense of consistency.

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