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10 Things to make your Military move go smoothly

Relocating your family and personal belongings due to a permanent change of station (PCS) is something that every military family encounters sooner or later. Whether you look forward to the move with eager anticipation or with feelings that are somewhat less enthusiastic, there are things that service members and their families can do before relocating […]

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Questions to ask when hiring a Moving Company

We know that moving can be a stressful event in your life and you may not know what to expect or even what questions you should ask when hiring a moving company. So we have comprised a list of questions to ask when hiring a moving company. Do you work for the mover or are […]

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Tipping Movers

Most people wonder what the proper etiquette is when it comes to tipping movers, packers, and drivers. As with any other service provider, you would base your “tip” on job performance – a bad attitude and indifferent work habits would hardly be considered tip worthy. If, however, you think your crew was attentive, helpful and professional, […]

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