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Packing Vinyl Collections Without Scratches

One of the best formats the music industry ever saw — the almighty record — is also one of the most quirky to handle. There is always the fear of cracking and otherwise smashing them, then of course there is the dreaded scratch. Either way, packing vinyl collections is something that can be mastered, with a little bit of advice.packing vinyl collections

Get prepared. Find plenty of poly sleeves; enough for each record in the entire vault. These sleeves can help prevent from scratches, heat and moisture, and even prevents them from rolling out of jackets.

No jackets. Sure, it sounds like someone is trying to pull a prank on you, but the reality is that it’s better to remove your records from their jackets and keep them right next to each other. The only catch is you need a ton of sleeves to protect them. The logic is that the records themselves can damage the cardboard jackets and tarnish all the meticulous work you have put into preserving your collection.

Box them up. It’s important to get boxes that have sturdy edges. Even if you go through the tedious process of sleeving and removing all of them, you won’t prevent real damage unless the actual boxes hold up. The records are them stood up carefully alongside their jackets until they are snug in each box.

Good luck!

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