packing tools

Packing Tools and Building Equipment

Even though your tools may be the most rugged thing in your house (except you, of course), they still require some finesse when attempting to relocate them. For some, their tools are their bread and butter, and the most devastating thing that can happen would be serious damage. Following a few tips when packing tools and building equipment can help prevent any woes.

Long handled tools. One major tip is to wrap long tools together that are of similar lengths. This can be achieved a few ways. You shpacking toolsould begin by padding and insulating any sharp or fragile pieces. Wrapping old sheets, cardboard, and newspaper around the vital areas should suffice. Use some twine and a blanket to wrap them up together and protect them.

Power tools. They are generally heavier and more expensive than the other types of tools, and on top of that they are the most useful. In order to avoid damage or loss, you should pull all attachments off of them first. Use the factory provided custom carrying cases to keep them from getting banged up. Carefully find all chargers and extension chords that are associated with them, and pack them tightly into a box.

Hardware items. Now it’s time to pack up the hand tools, screws, nails, hooks, etc. This can be accomplished by using the carrying case that came with them, or by placing them into duffel bags. It is helpful to wrap any special tools up with bubble wrap or other insulation. This can prevent scratches on your favorite tools. Nails and screws can be sorted and loaded into old peanut cans or sturdy Tupperware containers.

Be safe and good luck!