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Packing Sports Equipment: Moving Tips

Even the rugged gear used for sports can be damaged, and it carries a little more significance when it is. Amid the blood, sweat, and tears we leave on the field are our prized bats, gloves, helmets, and cleats. So when it’s time to relocate, these items can’t simply be thrown into boxes.

Packing sports equipment is important properly will save your investment, and maybe some upset little ones from losing their favorite play things.

Here are a few basic tips to the job done right:
packing sports equipment
Categorize them.
If you’re lucky or talented enough, you and a family member might be multi-sport people. In this case, you’ve got a good lot of equipment to store. Begin by sorting your equipment into categories. Place them into separate “piles” or areas as you pack. It will save you time, and gives you a great opportunity to reorganize.

Use proper baggage. Another equally costly item is the pouches, bags, and carrying cases our sporting equipment comes in–but nothing protects them better. If possible, pack the items as if you are heading to practice, a meet, or a game. From there, you can either move them like as is, or follow the next piece of advice below.

Storage bins.
Once you have packed all of your gear into their respective cases, place them carefully into large storage bins and label them by sport. This method works good for stray baseballs, which should be placed into pillow cases. Other items, such as shoes, should be placed into shoe boxes and also moved in storage bins.

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