packing spice racks

Packing Spice Racks: Quick and Simple

People who enjoy cooking often have a few secret touches they add to recipes. They certainly can’t stand to lose those special ingredients during a move, either because they spilled, the container broke, or they were not properly packed. Packing spice racks sounds like a silly thing to be concerned with, but those who practice the lost art of home cooking will understand.

packing spice racks

Categories. Now’s your chance to get that huge, overwhelming spice cabinet or rack organized. Putting non-edibles and garnishes in one group, spicy seasons in another, and created other categories like “Italian” or “Mexican” will help you when it’s time to unpack.

Glass Dispensers. Some seasonings and spices come in tiny, glass containers that are a tad fragile. Wrap them in bubble wrap with a piece of clear tape around them to protect your collection. Line a shoe-box or two with newspaper and place the bubble-wrapped dispensers into the boxes with the spices facing up. Label the box carefully so that they aren’t turned upside down.

Freezer Bags. There is another method involving plastic freezer bags that is fail-proof. Start by wrapping each individual container in newspaper or bubble-wrap. Place them into large, plastic freezer bags and seal them. These bags can be transported in coolers, which will keep the spices fresh, and avoid damaging them with heat or moisture.

Quick and Simple. If you’re spice rack will accommodate the idea, you can also leave the spices in the rack. Simple wrap the entire thing with bubble-wrap tightly enough so that the spices won’t move. Then wrap the whole thing with packaging tape to keep them from falling out. You will arrive at your new destination with one less thing to unpack.

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