Packing Shoes: Moving Tips

Ladies love shoes, and men are well aware of this. Men don’t pretend to understand why, nor do they actually care. But what they do usually care about is protecting the investment so that they don’t have to doll out the credit card again. That’s where packing shoes properly comes in.
unpacking shoes

It may sound ridiculous, but so many things can go wrong when shoes aren’t moved with care.

Bent out of shape.  Designer pumps – and even that $10 pair from Payless – can easily become misshapen. If they are just thrown in a pillow case with a pile of other shoes, you can expect them to be less shapely when they come out. It can hurt your feet and will ruin the shoes. Instead, pack them individually in a shoebox, and add some extra tissue paper for extra protection.

Scuffs and more.
Sure, you have a few pairs of shoes that probably existed in Martha Washington’s days. But they are so comfortable, and easy to wear. The only problem is they are the biggest threat to new pairs. Don’t throw them together in an old box. The old leather can easily rub off when pressure is applied and they will ruin your less comfortable older shoes. Instead, wrap them all in their own plastic grocery bag before throwing them into a box. It will save you stress and money.

Moisture trouble. Leather has an amazing ability to retain moisture. A pair of old leather shoes is literally a haven for moisture and bacteria – that’s why it has a distinctive smell. One sure-fire way to ruin leather shoes is to store them all mashed together in a sealed container. They need to breathe! Pack them in a fruit box like those that bananas come in to give them some air. This concept is especially critical if you plan to leave them in storage after your move. There will be a very ripe smell coming from your packed box of leather shoes, and it will be more than just a stench, it will be a pair of ruined shoes.

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