Pack your playroom

Packing the Playroom

Tips and Helpful Hints for Packing the PlayroomIf your house is like most houses with small children, the playroom just seems to explode! Toys, toys, toys seem to be everywhere. Here are some helpful tips to tame mess and pack the playroom for an upcoming move.

1. Sort and Purge: with the child’s help sort through the playroom. Throw away anything broken or with missing pieces, then sort the rest into donate and sell piles.

2. Make a DO NOT PACK box: fill this box with your child’s favorite and most played with toys. This box isn’t to be packed ever and stays with the child during the move.

3. Toys: use small to medium boxes to pack toys. Make sure you wrap more fragile toys with bubble wrap, towels, clothing, etc they don’t break. You can also use these items to fill in spaces in the box so toys don’t bump around during the move.

4. Stuffed Animals: for a short move, stuffed animals can be packed in garbage bags. If you are planning to store them for a long period of time, it’s best they are stored in plastic airtight containers.

5. Books: rolling suitcases are great for packing books. If you don’t have one, use small boxes and be sure not to overload them!

6. Art supplies and science kits: make sure all liquids are sealed tight. You can take the lid off open bottles of liquids, paints, etc and cover with plastic wrap, then replace the lid or place them in a ziploc bag to help keep them from spilling. Pack like items together and put small pieces in ziploc bags.

7. Barbies, Legos and other small items: just like science kits and art supplies, pack like items together and place small pieces in ziploc bags before packing.

8. Games and puzzles: tape box lids shut so that games and puzzles don’t accidently spill if the box they are packed in gets knocked around.

9. Electronic toys: you may want to keep toys such as gaming devices, tablets, iPods etc with you on your person and not pack them with the rest of the household items.

Once you decide what to keep, enlist the help of the children, make it a game and you’ll have the playroom packed in no time. You may even have some fun while packing!

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