packing liquor bar for moving

Packing Liquor Bars For Moving Damage Free

Wine enthusiasts and those who enjoy a fine scotched whiskey often have a special bottle or two stocked away in their home bar. There is no reason to break or spoil it simply because you are relocating. Packing liquor bars for moving can be done damage free with a little patience.
packing liquor bar for moving
The first step is to decide what is worth bringing. For instance, that old, plastic bottle of vodka could probably be poured out and thrown away, rather than have it take up space and cargo room. Maybe that old, cheap tequila that has had about a finger left in it for years is another one you should toss. Instead, take a moment to dust off what you want to bring and line it up on the table.

Next, get a hold of several “cell boxes,” which are the same boxes liquor and wine are often shipped in. They have a cardboard cross section that keeps the bottles from clinking. Booze may be the one thing that has its own custom box for moving, which will help you reduce packaging time.

The final step is to wrap each bottle in newspaper. Even though the “cell boxes” are ideal for the job, another layer of protection will keep you from a messy disaster, that could cost you money. Simply lay each bottle on its side on a single piece of newspaper. Roll each bottle in the newspaper and tape it tightly with some packaging tape. Then, insert each bottle into a cell in the boxes. Seal the boxes as you would any other, and make sure you label them.

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