pack your kitchen like a pro

Packing Hacks: Kitchens

The kitchen is often called the heart of the home. It’s probably one of the most frequently used rooms and the hardest to pack. Here are some packing hacks to help you pack your kitchen with ease!

Packing Hacks Kitchens

1. Spices can be packed in Ziploc bags to keep them together and getting spilled. Another great place to pack spices is inside your crockpot or big pots.

2. Defrost and clean out your refrigerator and freezer at least 24-48 hours before you move.

3. Pack your plates vertically instead of horizontally. They are less likely to break this way.

4. Pack an essentials box to get you through your last week at home and your first few nights in your new home. Fill it with coffee, coffee maker, tea bags, a small pitcher, disposable silverware, plates, and cups, paper towels, a few utensils, dish soap, and anything else you think you will need.

5. Stack foam plates between your glass plates to protect them.

6. Brown paper lunch bags can be used instead of newspaper for glasses and small bowls.

7. Wrap plastic wrap around your silverware tray and pack the whole thing intact.

8.  Empty wine boxes from bars, grocery stores or restaurants make great boxes for alcohol, glass bottles and stemware.

9. Put knives inside pot holders to move them safely.

10. Instead of bubble wrap use towels, hand towels, blankets, and old t-shirts to protect your breakable kitchen items.

11. Pack your cookbooks in a rolling suitcase for easy transport.

12. Use socks to protect glasses and stemware.

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