Packing Your Fine China

Most of us have special dishes that we don’t want to break during the move. When packing your fine china a little care and caution while packing go a long way. This is not the place to skimp on supplies. Here is a list of tips to ensure your china makes it to your new one in one piece.

Packing Your Fine China

1. Choose the right box. You don’t want your box to be too big to avoid overpacking. A box that holds about 10lbs is perfect for china. You can also use a  special box for moving dishes called a dishpack.

2. Be sure to cushion the bottom of the box before packing your china. Fill it with foam cushion pieces or packing peanuts.

3. Wrap individual pieces with bubble wrap, so that the whole piece is covered and won’t touch other pieces. You don’t want to skimp on the bubble wrap here, as you want to make sure the whole piece is protected.

4. Place dishes on their edge instead of on their bottoms. Place cups and glasses on their bottoms.  Be sure to fill in the spaces around each plate, cup or glass with foam, packing peanuts scrunched up paper or bubble wrap.

5. Don’t pack lids and the main piece together. If you do, make sure to place a cushion between the two.

6. Fill in the empty spaces in the box and the top with packing peanuts, foam pieces, or scrunched up foam to provide more protection.

7. Tape the box tight and mark with “This Side Up” and “Fragile”

8. Have our packers at Atmosphere Movers pack your fine china for you. This way you know it is done right.

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