packing essentials

Packing Essentials For Immediate Use

There are certain things that you should probably transport along with you rather than on the moving truck. These items include toiletries, chargers, keys, medications, and vital documents. They are needed on a regular, daily basis and would create a hassle if mixed in with other items that will be unpacked more gradually. Packing essentials and keeping them with you can prevent a moving day headache.

Medications. Packing and transporting medications properly is critical for a few reasons. First, many medications have to be kept within the right temperature range or they could actually lose efficacy. The back of a moving truck would not suffice, especially if the move is over a long distance. Instead, carefully pack away medicine bottles and containers into zipped-up make-up or freezer bags, and place them into a small, shoebox-sized move. Seal with tape and keep with you in your personal vehicle during the move.

packing essentialsToiletries. Not properly keeping track of toothpaste, tooth brushes, deodorant, and shaving supplies is another must. Using plastic freezer bags is a good start, but a travel bathroom set would be ideal. Either way, they can be placed into a labeled shoe-box or larger cardboard box and brought in your car with you. Keeping this step in mind will prevent you from any extra discomfort when you arrive at your destination.

Vital Documents. Titles, identification cards, and legal documents should be organized and placed into large manilla envelopes, labeled and sealed. These can be placed into a folder or binder for protection. Now may be a good time to make sure you know where all of your important papers are — especially if you have lived in the same house for a long time. It will be refreshing to double check that everything is where it belongs as you move into the new home. Once again, these items should be brought with you, and not placed onto the moving truck.

Chargers and Keys. Some people have enough trouble keeping track of these items on non-moving days, much less when they are in the middle of a move. It’s important to locate all chargers, be they for laptops, phones, or other portable devices, and place them in some sort of bag. It could be as simple as a plastic grocery bag, but the last thing you want is to misplace a charger. They can be expensive and you may even have to wait for it to come in the mail. Keep these items with you in your personal vehicle so that you have them as soon as you arrive.

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