Packing Computers: Moving Tips

Now that most of our lives are dominated by electronics and gadgets, we have to take extra steps to preserve our data and most importantly, our memories. Packing computers properly during your move is one important step toward keeping your files and records intact.packing computers

There are a few obvious and a few not-so-obvious methods for dealing with desktop computers, laptops, and even tablets when you choose to relocate. But the effort spent is well worth it and will give you piece of mind.

Back it up. So we didn’t need a professor of computer engineering to remind us of this part, but exposing yourself to data loss is a terrible thing. You can back your files up using a remote server via FTP or by using a Cloud, or you can do it the old fashioned way using DVR-W’s. If data isn’t preserved in at least THREE locations, it’s not properly backed up.slide

Pack it up.  If you were smart enough to save the original packing your desktop computer came in, it can be secured there. Otherwise, you may need to track down bubble wrap, Styrofoam, and other soft materials. Your computer can’t slide around in a box throughout an entire move, it will lead to nothing but trouble. Laptops and tablets aren’t designed to support weight on top of them, so it’s critical to put them in the proper carrying cases, and maybe even bring them in your personal vehicle.

Insure it. You can buy insurance on virtually anything–including electronic equipment. Take the time to research what it may take to insure your equipment, just in case.

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