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Packing and Moving Propane Grills for Safety

Packing and Moving Propane GrillsIt’s something that may not have come to mind until the last few weeks of packing. If you’re lucky, one of your friends has a pickup and will help you get it to point B, otherwise, you’ll need to prepare. Packing and moving propane grills is not as easy as you may think!

The first few steps. Some of the steps in this process are self-explanatory, but for safety reasons they’re worth repeating. Always, always, wait for a prolonged period after grilling to even consider relocating a propane grill. From the general temperature of the lava-rocks to the heat shields above the elements at the base — things can remain hot, and need to cool. Once this process is complete you are ready to go.

Tank and connections. Take a moment to carefully tighten the gas valve on the tank(s). Once complete, gently unscrew and disconnect the tank from the grill. Keep in mind, you cannot transport flammable gas on a professional moving truck. The tank must be transported in a personal vehicle or disposed of. It isn’t safe to keep the tank in your personal vehicle for long periods of time, either. Use care when transporting any propane or gas tank.

Unsecured parts. You are now ready to move the grill, but must not allow loose parts to fall or become damaged. Remove the racks and any accessories that aren’t fastened to the main grill. Take all cooking utensils and pack them separately to avoid damage. Ensure that all switches and knobs are in the off position, and consider taping them down. Tape closed any cabinet doors or drawers and cook tops.

Wrap tightly. Now it is time to roll the grill in a blanket or cover. Find something thick enough to withstand being wrapped around a rugged grill, and use duct tape to seal the deal. The grill should be safe enough to move if the lid won’t fly open, so be sure to pay attention to detail during this step.

You should now be ready to allow the professionals at Atmosphere Movers take over. Best of luck!

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