Get To Know Owner Chat Stockstill

chat stockstillWhen making a move, and pondering who will be handling those items that you’ve brought along with you for your life’s journey, there are some built in credibility checks that should help you. A decade of armed service, and seventeen years in the moving business are hard to dispute.

No one in the Louisiana moving business knows more about dedication to service than owner Chat Stockstill, whose ten years in the services culminated with the rank of Gunnery Sergeant. Prior to founding the company in 1995, Chat was a proud member of our Armed Forces. His leadership experience and character were hammered out during his ten years of service in the United States Marine Corp.

When you consider that you probably own certain things that even your closest friends would be hard pressed to borrow, choosing a moving company becomes a critical decision. Your belongings make up who you are, they carry memories, love, and monetary value. The decision of who will be looking after your things as they are packed, loaded, unloaded, and maybe even unpacked is critical.

That’s why background is everything. At Atmosphere Movers, we’ve built up a substantial word of mouth following because we’re dedicated to treating every move like it was our own.

A trusted veteran owned family business isn’t made overnight. It takes many, many successful moves and even more satisfied customers to ear that proud title. But running a thriving moving business isn’t enough. Chat has also carved out time to give back to their community by supporting schools and community events and offering up Atmosphere’s muscle for the greater good.

Along with muscle, Chat and the Atmosphere moving team bring character and integrity to the Louisiana moving market.

We would love to do your next move in Southeast Louisiana and make you a customer for life. Get your FREE quote (866) 7MOVE-ME / (866) 766-8363 or email [email protected].

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Best Music For The Road

There is much to consider when hitting the road for a lengthy drive. Having water, snacks, dressing comfortably, and having great company are all important–but what is absolutely paramount, is having a decent music selection.

Let the trees, green fields, and landscape pass through your periphery with the best soundtrack possible. It will pass the time, and can even drown out the more unpleasant sounds of snoring family members, complaining siblings, and maybe even your worries about the upcoming unpacking job.

Instead, sit back, hit the cruise control, and enjoy the sweet sounds of our top ten selection of best road albums for a move on the road.

1) If you’re anywhere in Louisiana, you can go ahead and blare Garth Brooks’ classic cover of Callin’ Baton Rouge, which is near the end of his record In Pieces.

2) Even though they aren’t technically from Louisiana, everyone can recognize the chorus from Born On A Bayou by Creedence Clearwater Revival. The album Bayou Country is great road music as well.

3) Don Henley’s The End Of Innocence has driving music written all over it. The punchy tempo and classic sound keeps you going mile after mile.

4) Led Zeppelin’s III is undeniably crisp. Spike called it “relentless yet unobtrusive,” and we couldn’t agree more. It has the Zeppelin style, but won’t be too overwhelming while you enjoy the road.

5) Bob Marley’s Legend. Does this record really need any talking up? It’s low tempo, yet lyrically engaging. It’s just about the epitome of background music that won’t irritate you. One of the few records that can unequivocally be played all the way through without the desire to skip a track.

Do you have any albums you would recommend? Let us hear about them in the comments section below. You know you have something you wanna add!

Moving With Young Children: Child Proofing Essentials

By now most parents know that we are in a paranoid era – and for good reason. Parents lock cabinets, put up semi-permanent gates, and put doorstoppers onto doors like it’s nobody’s business.

Those in the older generation love to chuckle as new parents spend hundreds of dollars “baby-proofing” their homes. But the fact remains: tragic accidents happen regularly that could easily have been prevented with proper baby proofing.

People moving into new homes have a wonderful opportunity. They can start absolutely fresh with their safety efforts.

The first place to start is with the entryway of each room. If there are steps up and down, they could pose a major hazard for a child. The major factor is their age. If they are younger than one, you will need to consider using simple, temporary gates at any entry way with a single step up or down.

Staircases must be completely blocked, ideally with semi-permanent gates that affix to the walls with special brackets. Most even close behind you automatically with a spring to avoid accidentally leaving them open.

Cabinets will need special locks that have clasps, which can be undone by sliding a finger under them. They can be mounted on the insides of each cabinet door, and are much too difficult for young children to open.

Consider removing doors that are unnecessary. But if privacy is needed, there are special rubber stoppers that hug the inside part of the door (next to the frame) to prevent little fingers from being severely injured.

Doorknob locks can be purchased for next to nothing. They should be used on interior and exterior doors that have anything dangerous for the baby behind them. They only open when thumbs are placed in special holes, or when enough pressure is applied.

Medicine needs to be especially cared for. Locking boxes can be purchased and kept up high. The extra frustration of opening them every time will only serve to remind you of how dangerous medicines are for little ones.

Household chemicals are a major hazard, and sometimes even resemble candy (dish washing packets). Those must be locked in cabinets with cabinet locks. Don’t assume you will always have an eye on a child. They can move quickly and do something in a flash that can put their lives in danger.

Your move gives you the wonderful chance to leave no stone unturned. With enough effort, you could spend the first weekend in your new abode without batting an eyelash over the safety of your little one(s). Good luck!

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Choosing the Right Paint Color For Your New Home

If you’re like many people, you can close your eyes and visualize your dream home. That most likely includes some specific, nit-picky details — and there is nothing wrong with that.

One of the biggest choices that people face moving into their new digs is paint color. The last thing you want is to end up being the friend or family member that everyone giggles at for their choice of paint color. But you also don’t want to be boring or mundane.

The folks over at HGTV recommend that you “start small” when choosing paint colors. Don’t run out and buy gallons upon gallons of an off color that you think you might light. It may turn out to be a whimsical choice that doesn’t stand the test of time. Instead, they suggest that you paint a smaller room — a bathroom or even hallway — so that you can see how the color feels before committing.

Another important tip is to consider the vibe of the room. The mood that you would hope to have while in that room should reflect your color choice. For instance, in a bedroom you would most likely want a soothing color. Whereas in a playroom for children, you may be comfortable with a bolder color choice.

Don’t forget about lighting. In fact, many paint stores have a “light box” to allow you to see the color in brighter light. Colors can even seem different under different types of bulbs. For example, regular bulbs bring out warm tones and yellows, whereas Fluorescent lights cast a blue tone.

These are just a few of the many things to consider when contemplated what color to pain the inside of your new home. But without fulling vetting the color, you are setting yourself up for a major headache.