Unpacking, Organizing Tips: Fools Rush In

So you’re in! Your new locale is at your fingertips, beneath your feet lie the sweet, squeaky clean floors of your all new home. As you sit on the couch, breathing the freshly filtered air, you gaze with adoration at your plush new surroundings.

Then, suddenly, your fun is interrupted by the ominous sight of boxes piled high.

Welcome home, now it’s time to unpack. But be not afraid, there is plenty of time to unpack. In fact, unless you have something extraordinary going on, you technically have months to get the new place set up. So, why rush?

It’s much better, and even more productive to take your time, and methodically unpack than to rush for the sake of getting done.

1) Start by unpacking the most important rooms first. The kitchen comes to mind. It will be hard to function without eating. Unpack flatware/silverware, pots and pans, and any pantry and refrigerator items you brought along.

2) Move to the bathrooms next. Most people cannot tolerate a messy bathroom, and even worse, the feeling of fumbling for your toiletries. Instead, unpack everything that belongs in the bathroom drawers and medicine cabinets. You won’t regret it when you take that nice morning shower on your first full day at the new places.

3) Move on to bedrooms. Sure, you might be dying to get the LCD TV up and running, but you need a really good night’s sleep to deal with the stress of setting up your new home. Unpack bedding, your favorite pair of PJs, and yes, your pillows.

4) The rest of the house. Now it’s time to consider unpacking the less important items. Knick-knacks, electronics, and so forth. Your basic needs will be met (restroom, bedroom, food), so it should be time to get started on the things you use to unwind.

5) Above all, spend time setting things up properly, because you will regret it if you rush. All that will happen is you will re-do things until they are right, so do it right the first time.

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Throwing Housewarming Parties

Some neighborhoods and very close knit. It makes sense for the new family on the block to ease into their new surroundings without being obtrusive and overbearing. But it can also make things smoother for everyone involved if you reach out to your new neighbors.

One very easy way to break the awkward time in half is to throw housewarming parties and have your friends and family. Then you simply invite anyone who seems interested from around the neighborhood.

You may not want to go so far as to create flyers, but a nice friendly knock on the door at a reasonable hour will suffice.

Introduce yourself and explain that you are new in the neighborhood. This can help to put some of the more up tight neighbors at ease, and might even start life long relationships if you stay put for a while.

Go with neutral foods. Nothing too fancy, or pretentious. Typical American fare might be good — BBQ, pizza, fried chicken, pastas — it will make people comfortable. Have a few beers or cocktails available to break the ice, and before you know it, you will know every piece of history the neighborhood has to offer.

Inviting the neighbors along with family and friends helps to prevent the odd and awkward moments you might experience if ONLY people you don’t know show up. It will also help your children become familiar with the neighborhood kids.

It’s a win all the way around, and one that will make the transition better for everyone.

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Moving Close To Parents

Our culture is rife with cliches about tyrannical mother-in-laws, close minded father-in-laws and everything in between. So most couples and families would be justified in taking a long, hard, reflective moment to consider the ramifications of moving close to parents. And then, maybe taking another long, hard, reflective moment…

But why all of the concern? Shouldn’t you want to their company, especially when you have children? I mean, who doesn’t want to drop the kids off at Grandma’s house and head out for a peaceful meal. Sure, you do.

All of that sounds just peachy.

The reality is that you are making a long term decision. Even if your move is into a rental property or apartment, you will most likely spend a full year there at the very least. If you are purchasing the home, you are in completely different territory.

So it may be wise to consider the pros and cons. Sit with your partner, or by yourself and make a list of the things that could possibly come up.

People have actually suffered the loss of relationships because of close proximity. While others have found they have grown closer, and their children have benefitted from having regular relationships with their grandparents.

The real trick is to establish boundaries and ground rules, such as not coming over unannounced. With the basics in place, it can be positive, but it will be up to you to keep it that way.

Happy moving!

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Common Moving Myths: Part 1

moving mythsWhen it comes to assumptions, moving companies aren’t exempt. In fact there are some pretty common moving myths that you may be surprised at. Check out our list and see if you can add to it.

All movers cost about the same!

FALSE. The final moving cost can be very different depending on the company you choose. Just because a company advertises as cheap, doesnt mean they wont slam you with hidden fees. You want to go with a trusted company, such as ourselves. We have been a Mandeville moving company for over 20 years! A cheap moving company may end up costing you more than a reputable moving company – it is a common moving scam to increase the final moving costs in the last minute.

Boxes are all the same!

FALSE! This is like saying all toilet paper is the same. One ply is not as strong as two ply. Professional moving boxes are more durable and are made to transport heavy items and protect your belongings. Grocery store boxes can tear apart if you overload them, especially produce boxes that are not meant to carry weight. If you are not wanting to purchase boxes, try liquor stores and libraries and pack the heavy items in small size moving boxes and the dishes in dish-pack boxes.

I have to ride in the truck with the movers!

UM, NO!!! There is no reason to ride with the movers. The movers have GPS so they won’t get lost and you can follow, or lead, the way. No need to ride with them! Hope in your car and turn up your tunes, make your move fun!

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