Cities Or Suburbs: Moving Tips

If a job relocation or family situation is pointing to an eventual, yet inevitable move, you may be faced with a major decision: move within the city limits of a municipality, or settle outside the limits in a suburban area. Cities or suburbs? Moving choices are hard, but worth pondering.

Cities Or Suburbs: Moving Tips

There is a multitude of pros and cons on either side, and an even larger collection of opinions that might leave you undecided.


Cities like Baton Rouge, LA enjoy the many benefits of urban areas. A diverse population, a major public university, SEC sports teams, and so on. Large concerts and other forms of entertainment will travel through the area, utilizing the arenas built for, say, the LSU basketball team. Living within the city limits can be costly, but affords residents access to public transportation and short drive times to work. There is typically a higher crime rate, which forces pockets of upper class urban dwellers into somewhat isolated neighborhoods. The class divide is usually glares in sharper contrast on the surface than in suburban areas.


Taking the thirty minute drive from a suburban area into the city has become part of the daily grind for millions of Americans. It often gets you more house, and less riff-raff. But the side-effect is generally a lack of culture and diversity. Many complain that the houses are “cookie-cutter,” but the upside is that people are usually forced to care for the facades of their homes. It is a great way to raise children, with roads that can sometimes have less traffic. Making your way into town for shows, concerts, or for certain restaurants can get exhausting. The schools tend to be higher performing than in urban areas, but sometimes lack the history of established city schools.

Ultimately the decision is yours, but with the right research, either choice can be wise.

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Taking The Scenic Route: Moving Tips

So with taking the scenic route, moving can be less painful. If life is about the journey rather than the destination, why spend it on a four lane interstate crowded with lane-hogging truckers? Sure, our nation’s interstates have plenty of beautiful stretches, but sometimes the path less traveled is the better option.

Taking The Scenic Route Moving Tips

The interstate system was finally finished sometime between the 70s and 80s, but people have been traveling by car for many decades prior to that. Point being, there have been routes to help travelers get from one place to another without being elevated for ease of use.

This results in a more scenic drive, often above, through, or even winding around mountains and hills. It can function as a wonderful lesson to the little ones, who usually tire of the concrete runs between cities because they are too far removed from the landscape.

Try doing a quick cursory overview of the history of the stretch you choose when traveling the road less taken. Turn it into a lesson for the kids, explain a thing or two about the geographic around them.

It may take longer, but it will be a memorable experience, which is safer by nature.

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Crating Your Dog For The Drive

Let’s face it: we sometimes treat out dogs like humans. We hug them, kiss them, and heck, we even ride around town with them. There is nothing cuter than a dog with his slobbery tongue hanging out of a cracked car window as it passes you.

But not crating your dog is just plain dangerous.

On a long drive, it’s likely that you will be on the highway or interstate. That means higher speeds, more traffic, and of course, a higher likelihood of injury in the case of an accident.
Dog expert Cesar Millan has a few pointers to keep you and your pooch safe for the drive.

1) Make sure your dog is well exercised before crating. This will keep them from getting too antsy.
2) Keep the dog’s crate clear of dangerous objects that can injure the dog in case of a collision or sudden stop.
3) Keep your energy positive. Millan says that if you project positive energy onto the situation your dog will pick up on it.
4) Re-check on the dog in about fifteen minutes.

Even though you would love to have your dog in the front with you, or even just snuggled in the backseat, experts suggest that you don’t let your personal feelings about crating get in the way of safety.

Have a safe trip!

Moving Tips: Long Drives With Young Children

Sure, the new house is going to be wonderful…if you ever get there! Now that Atmosphere Movers is handling the hard work, you are left to enjoy the ride. After all, life is about the journey and not the destination, right?

There are certain ways to make long drives with young children more enjoyable.

long drives with young children

With that in mind, it is critical that you are prepared for hitting the road with kids. There are obviously differences between traveling with babies and toddlers and traveling with older kids, so we will touch on the important considerations for all age groups.


1) You are a parent, so follow your instincts. If the baby is bottle fed, and you are facing a substantial drive, do the math. Figure out how many bottles need to be prepared, or how much formula you will need to mix to make it through.

2) Pack diapers and wipes. It may seem obvious–especially considering most parents won’t drive the local 7-11 without back-up diapers–but you need to keep your head in the game during an overwhelming move.

3) Back-up outfits. All parents know how many outfits, onesies, and bibs a baby can go through. Be sure to bring plenty, especially on long drives.

4) Drinks for mommy! Nursing mothers must stay hydrated.

Toddlers & Preschoolers

1) Let them sleep. Hopefully they will sleep for the first few hours. But there are no guarantees. Try to time the ride with their nap time, so at least you get a few hours of downtime.

2) Snacks. Toddlers need snacks. Most of them lack the understanding to properly eat a full meal, and they lose patience. This leaves their growing bodies hungry. Bring plenty of snacks.

3) Games and toys are essential. They will get bored. If you are a television supporter, let them watch a few videos on your smart phone. You won’t regret it.

4) Stop for a break. It is critical that they get some energy out. If they are freaking out during the trip, find a rest area and let them burn off some energy. With any luck, they might nap again to make the rest of the ride easier for all.

Above all, enjoy the ride, because it’s up to you to make it positive for the little ones!