House Warming party Louisiana Style

Louisiana Themed House Warming Party

Everyone involved in a move feels the major relief of finally getting settled when it’s over. One great way to unwind is by throwing a house warming party, Louisiana style! Invite some neighbors, friends, and family and let loose. To do things right, you’ll need authentic food, music, and decor. The Menu. Fire up your […]

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Moving Clothes Made Simple

Moving clothes is not the easy task that it may sound like. Clothing is purposely tucked away in closets and drawers, which can lead to people underestimating the job. Spending extra time laying out your clothing and packing it carefully is essential in avoiding a last minute packing nightmare. There are a few basics that […]

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Moving Tips: Moving With Cats

Cats can be quirky. Moving can be challenging. The combination is not for the faint of heart, but there are a few key points to consider that may help things go smoother when moving with cats. Many pet owners treat their “babies” like real children. Heck, some even throw parties for them and dress them […]

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