Moving Books For Kids For Smooth Transitions

moving books for kids

moving books for kidsMoving itself can put even the most organized, proactive person into a tizzy — so imagine how our kids feel? Often times, a move in necessary, and we do our best to explain to our children why their whole world will be changing. But there are ways to make it even easier: moving books for kids.

There are a number of titles aimed at simply explaining the process in kid terms. Here are a few that come highly recommended to do exactly that:

We’re Moving by Heather Maisner. This book is about two pre-school aged siblings who are a little uneasy about doing things for the first time — including moving. The story will set kids at ease and validate some of their concerns as they prepare for their new home.

The Berenstain Bears’ Moving Day by Stan Berenstain. This beloved series of books follows the family as they prepare and execute a move. Brother and sister bear are along for the action as they learn what it means to relocate.

Alexander, Who’s Not (Do You Hear Me? I Mean It!) Going to Move by Judith Viorst. For anyone who has had children in the last few years, you know Alexander. He has had a few terrible days himself, and he is dead set on staying put, regardless of the family’s intentions to move. This will help even a stubborn child understand that sometimes you have to trust mommy and daddy when they make big decisions.

These titles can help sooth the concerns that your child may have about the process. When done right, a move should give everyone a breath of fresh air, but it’s important to stay tuned into every member of the family during the transitions.

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Louisiana Themed House Warming Party

House Warming party Louisiana Style

Louisiana Themed House Warming PartyEveryone involved in a move feels the major relief of finally getting settled when it’s over. One great way to unwind is by throwing a house warming party, Louisiana style!

Invite some neighbors, friends, and family and let loose. To do things right, you’ll need authentic food, music, and decor.

The Menu. Fire up your guests taste buds with some Louisiana inspired party foods. For those kitchen-savvy movers, you can research a great recipes like Chicken, Shrimp and Andouille Jambalaya. If you’re able, you opt to order a dish that would fit the bill.

The Proper Tunes. This is the easy part; finding great themed music. Put together a nice playlist to back up your party, which could include obvious classics like Garth Brook’s cover of Callin’ Baton Rogue, or any of the legendary New Orleans Jazz artists.

The Right Decor. There are warehouses filled with bright purple, gold, and green Mardi Gras party decorations. Get a hold of streamers, matching cups and plates, ribbon, and of course, beads

The combination should set the scene for a nice get together, and will be particularly amusing for people from out of town. Enjoy!

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Moving In Baton Rouge: Feel At Home Scavenger Hunt For Kids

Baton Rouge: Feel At Home Scavenger Hunt For KidsIt’s important to take the time to let your children become acquainted with their new home. It will help them during the big change, especially if it is their first move. One fantastic family friendly idea to help everyone feel at home after moving in Baton Rouge is to have a scavenger hunt — Louisiana style.

After everything is unpacked and the truck pulls away, it’s all yours. Your new home and all of the hard work that got you there. It’s a great time to pull the family together and try to bond in the new digs.

Find a nice group of Louisiana themed items. If you are in Baton Rouge, you won’t want to forget your LSU items.

Tape cut-outs or pictures of the following items to different walls throughout the house (including in safe-for-kid’s closets). Have the kids keep a small checklist with the item and what room they found it in. The first to find them all and record their results wins!

1) LSU Tiger’s flag

2) Louisiana state outline shape

3) New Orleans Saints fleur-de-lis symbol

4) A treble clef symbol (representing jazz)

5) A Saxophone (representing rich musical heritage)

6) Craw-dad cut out (culinary heritage)

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Moving Clothes Made Simple

Moving clothes is not the easy task that it may sound like. Clothing is purposely tucked away in closets and drawers, which can lead to people underestimating the job.

Spending extra time laying out your clothing and packing it carefully is essential in avoiding a last minute packing nightmare. There are a few basics that can be followed to keep things from getting out of control.

Don’t fold and pack. Even when clothes are carefully folded and piled, they can still get jumbled and become a squirrels nest of fabric. It’s not worth it.

Hang clothing in specially designed moving boxes. There are rigid boxes designed with a cross bar for hanging clothes. Even for people with more clothes than most people, this option will save time and hassle in end.

Bag them up. Another idea is to wrap them in plain old trash bags. You simply approach a group of shirts that are hanging side by side. Then slide them all together into a trash bag. It should resemble a hanging cocoon, with multiple shirts hanging in a cluster, all wrapped in the trash bag.

Sort them first. Yes, moving is the perfect time to assess the status of your wardrobe. There should be some clothes you can part with, and others you may have forgotten about. Take the time to sort them by season before you cocoon them.

All clothes can be moved and arrived intact, and even wearable if you take the time to prepare first.

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