Personal Comfort Essentials to Set Aside

Moves are hectic, but if they are handled properly, they can be strangely satisfying. The one way to make a fail-proof move a part of your life is to make sure to consider personal comfort essentials to set aside during the process. If you get all “up tight” when things are in complete disorder, the people around you will be thankful that you can find some comfort in your bare necessities.

 Personal Comfort Essentials to Set AsideThis short list won’t even let you down during the process of relocating. Just follow through and remember that you can never over plan:

  • First aid kit
  • Canned goods
  • Can opener
  • Soap
  • Toilet paper
  • Kid essentials
  • Cash
  • Credit Cards
  • Flashlight with good batteries
  • Keys to both houses
  • Battery powered alarm clock
  • Bottled water
  • Identification cards
  • Basic tools

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Renting Reusable Plastic Containers (Pros/Cons)

prepping for storage

Some people find plastic containers to be the perfect fix for messy moves. They can allow for stacks of clothing, insulated and packed items, and even fragile possessions. The obvious issue is that they are not free! You can’t exact call the local grocery store and ask to borrow their large plastic totes. Instead, you must weigh the cost/benefit analysis of renting reusable plastic containers.

renting plastic storage containers

The concept seems perfect for the neat-obsessed mover. I’m sure a type-A organizational person could close their eyes and dream of a house completely packed into perfect, labeled containers. It would be some sort of moment of zen for them.

But the reality is you most likely have to borrow them to get the job done. Here are the pros and cons of dishing out money for such a venture:

Pros. It’s neat, and it’s clean. If you chose to rent them, you won’t regret it because everything will be sealed off from the environment around them. Collectors know the value that goes into the extra cost of using lockable moving bins. It keeps things dry and undamaged. They are also stackable, so if you won’t be unpacking the night you move in, you can at least move around and categorize the bins before opening them. Yet another pro is that it will help to prevent you from losing things. Sometimes boxes get jumbled together and even tossed to the side when there are still items inside. But rentable bins must be emptied before returning, which will ensure that you have all of your belongings.

Cons. The largest and most obvious concern is money. If it won’t fit into your budget picture, then don’t bother. But if you have the means, it may not be for you anyway. Some people feel that the containers are bulky and can actually pack moving vans in a less efficient manner. Also, there is a chance you will damage one or two, which will cost you even more money in the end. The final con is that they put you at the mercy of the company you are renting them from. It may come down to a rushed day of unpacking so that you don’t pay for additional rental time.

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Top 10 Moving Tips

top 10 moving tips

Everyone has their opinions when it comes to executed the perfect move. You’ll hear some say they have moved enough times to write a moving advice column. Then there are those who despise it so much they look at you with horror when you break the news that you’re relocating. Regardless, there are a few sound items that you can’t neglect when it comes to the top 10 moving tips of all time.

top 10 moving tips

Here are some solid guidelines that could apply to any move, no matter the size and scope:

1 – Printable Calendar. Yes, it’s old school, but there’s a reason why they’ve been trusted for so long. Find a snazzy printable calendar online with big enough boxes to scribble in for each day. Get a nice, sharp #2 pencil and make a calendar draft of your moving deadlines and goals. Begin with the end in mind one week at a time.

2 – Careful Budget. Whether you’re on your own or moving with a large family, everything needs to be concise. The cost of gas, food for the trip, and supplies for your new home are all essential. Keep the books balanced from the beginning to the end to reduce stress and pressure.

3 – Downsize Items. Take the time to go through your belongings and put unnecessary, unused, and unimportant items to the side. Surely, you can donate or sell the things you don’t need. This will reduce clutter and help you stay organized.

4 – Choosing a Mover. This one is a no-brainier, as they say. Atmosphere Movers has the experience to get the job done right the first time, giving you more time for the all-important tasks of preparing and executing the relocation of your family.

5 – Bills and Insurance. Most moves will impact insurance rates for automobiles and your home. Do the research necessary and make the needed calls well in advance to stay on top of this all important issue.

6 – Announcements. Let your friends and family know what you are up to. Post to social media and email accounts prior to the move. This will help you keep your affairs and obligations in order.

7 – Clean and Paint. This item can vary depending upon the nature of the move, and of course, where you are moving to. In town moves offer a ton more flexibility when it comes to decorating, but if you and your belongings are making a cross-country trek, you can still find ways to clean and paint before unpacking.

8- Change the Locks. No need for explanation here. Everyone from the realtor to the former owner and even neighbors could have the keys to your home. Not everyone does their duty to change them for you, so put in the time and money to ensure yours and your family’s safety.

9 – Get a Sitter. It will be very stressful to balance your normal routine with the kids and pets tagging along. If at all possible, have someone help keep them taken care of while you manage your move.

10 – Boxes and Supplies. Before you even begin to consider the details of your move, you need to get the basics covered. Yes, it’s an obvious one, but too many people end up in a jam and waste entire days searching for supplies.

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Moving Tips: Packing Music!

Sometimes a great tune can change the mood — even when it comes to placing all of your belongings into large, brown, cardboard boxes! Moving can be a time of reflection, and even a little scary, but with the right playlist, you can keep everyone feeling chipper. Packing music that won’t drive you nuts, but will keep you motivated is an essential part of surviving a move.
moving music

Most human beings thrive on order and balance. The process of relocating throws all of that into a tizzy. But even scientists agree that brain activity can be affected by music, so let’s make it count.

Here is a simple playlist of ten tracks that make the most perfect packing music.

1) Turn! Turn! Turn! (to Everything There Is a Season) written by Pete Seeger, covered by The Byrds

2) California Dreamin’ by The Mamas & The Papas

3) Twist and Shout as covered by The Beatles

4) Jump by Van Halen

5) Boys Of Summer by Don Henley

6) Uptown Girl by Billy Joel

7) Voodoo Child by Jimi Hendrix

8) Bad to The Bone by George Thorogood

9) Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen

10) Don’t Stop Believin‘ by Journey

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